New album Straight Up Guitar to be released in March!

With pride and pleasure, we announce the release of Dutch guitarist Jurgen Burdorf’s second album, Straight Up Guitar.
It’s the second album Jurgen releases in a year, after his debut Opening Lines (2016).
Straight Up Guitar is a 100% instrumental album that features ten songs composed by Jurgen.
Once again, Jurgen is joined by the same group of people that were present on Opening Lines.
They are: Tico Pierhagen on keys, Hugo den Oudsten on bass guitar and Léon Klaasse on drums.
Engineering was done by Tom Gelissen and the recordings took place at Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam, NL.
The album can be pre-ordered in the webshop and will be posted on the day of the release, March 19th 2017!

Please watch the teaser video:

Additional credits:
Mastering by Bastiaan Kuijt @ BK Audio, Hilversum, NL
Video by Chris de Krijger
Cover art by Jelle Amersfoort
Photography by Jaime Korbee

Promototion: Peter Funcke,
Bookings: Walter Wilhelm,

Leon’s Groove and album release early 2016

Leon’s Groove, a song from Jurgens forthcoming album Opening Lines, can now be watched on Youtube. It is the fourth song of the album of which live video footage is made.
Jurgen wrote the song with a distinict New Orléans-groove by drummer Léon Klaasse in mind.
It’s the last song on the album, a happy closer.
All musicians get a final feature here. Tico Pierhagen (Hammond B3), Ben Mathot (violin) and Jurgen play a solo, and bass player Hugo den Oudsten gets a few bars to fill aswell.
The album Opening Lines will be released early 2016. This December, engineer Tom Gelissen and Jurgen are finalising the mixes. More information about the release of the album and concerts by Jurgen and band will follow shortly.

Bluesy song from instrumental debut album on Youtube

Camping Out, from the debut album Opening Lines by Dutch guitarist Jurgen Burdorf, is now on Youtube! It’s one of the more relaxed songs on the album, although beneath the surface, something’s definitely brewing..
The song starts off with the laid back groove of Hugo den Oudsten on bass and Léon Klaasse on drums. After the intro comes the bluesy theme. seasoned with some spicy dissonants and harmonic chicanes. Solo’s follow by Jurgen on guitar and Tico Pierhagen on Hammond B3.
The song ends in the same fashion it began, with subtle interplay between all musicians.

Camping Out is the third song of the album Opening Lines to be featured in a Youtube-clip.
A fourth clip will follow shortly.
The album was recorded 99% live at Power Sound Studio in Amsterdam, July 9th 2015.

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Second song from debut album is on Youtube

Here is the second song from my debut album Opening Lines, that’ll be released this year.
It’s called Mosquito Net and it’s one of the more fusionesque songs on the album. I’m very pleased with how this one came out. Everything you hear is recorded live in one take.
Tico Pierhagen plays a great Hammond solo, I play a solo afterwards and the ending is just as I like it, with everyone in the group adding to the intense atmosphere.  On this song I play my Suhr custom telecaster and use my Klaver Klon Clone. Please take a look and enjoy!