New album coming in early 2018!

The recordings for a new album are finished! The album is due for release in early 2018.
On January 22nd and 23rd we gave our all at Wisseloord Studio’s.
The studio days were long and intense, but we managed to record eleven new tracks.
The third album will be more energetic and varied than the previous one. You’ll find groovy tunes, heavy fusion, a country song and a straight rocker on the album. Also, the guitar parts on the album are a bit more challenging to play than on the last album. Hopefully my hard practice payed off!
My band mates Tico Pierhagen (keys), Hugo den Oudsten (bas) en Willem Smid (drums) played wonderfully.
Willem is the new kid on the block here, he plays with the Amsterdam Saints and hit sensation Ogene. I’ve been playing with Willem for more than ten years and am very happy that he’s playing on the album.

The new album came into conception in a small period of time. In November last year, I decided to record a new album in January 2018 and started writing. The songs came into form in a couple of weeks, we rehearsed a couple of times and then went on to the recording sessions.

Our studio, Wisseloord in Hilversum, NL, was a great place to work and you can hear that on the album.
The studio has a wonderful live room, which will leave its sonic footprint on the album.
No wonder that artists like Tina Turner, U2, Mick Jagger and The Police came to record here in the past.

Guest musicians Gijs Anders van Straalen (percussion) and André Sommer (pedal steel guitar) will appear on the album.
I’ve known Gijs since my touring days with singer Janne Schra (Room Eleven) and met AndrĂ© in the past year, during a tour with the repertoire of Dolly Parton.
Engineer Tom Gelissen is once again my technical partner in crime and Bastiaan Kuijt, who recently was part of a Grammy winning production, will be mastering.

I’m really happy with the new album, and hope you’ll be too.
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