Jurgens setup during the recordings of Picking Up Steam

Although Jurgen wouldn’t call himself a gear head, he’s collected quite some useful gear over the years.
This is his most used equipment:

– Egnater MOD100 modular tube amp
– Rivera Sedona combo
– Fargen Townhouse 20 combo

– Bag-End S12D with JBL speaker
– Rivera 4×12 with Celestion V30s

– Fender Telecaster Burgundy Mist
– Gibson Les Paul Standard 1978
– Suhr Telecaster (chambered, 2 humbuckers) Shoreline Gold
– Suhr Stratocaster HSS Lake Placid Blue
– Suhr Stratocaster SSS Ocean Turqoise
– Epiphone Windsor E352-T 1959
– Collings OM1A
– Collings MT Mandolin

Effects Live:
– Eventide H9
– Boss Blues Driver
– Klaver Kentaur Klone
– Retrosonic Chorus/Vibrato
– Maxon SD9
– Carl Martin Compressor
– CAE Wah
– Ernst Navigator Mk2 Midi Pedal
– Ernst Grasshopper Midi Switcher

Studio Effects Rack:
– TC Electronic TC1210 Chorus
– Yamaha SPX90 Pitch
– Yamaha SPX90 Reverb
– TC Electronic D-Two Delay
– Lexicon PCM 70 Circular Delay
– Ernst custom mixer

For in-ear gigs:
– Line6 Helix with home made IR’s